Department of Agroecology

Today, increase in the world population and the pressure that has been imposed on agricultural systems to meet the food security of such a growing population, have caused the sustainability of agroecosystems to be threatened seriously. Production of enough healthy food while conserving the soil, water and air resources is the greatest challenge to policy-makers, decision-makers, scientists and farmers. Conventional agriculture faces great challenges such as food insecurity, pollution of soil and water resources with agrochemicals and rapid loss of biodiversity. Agroecology is the science of applying the ecological principles in studying, designing, managing and evaluating the agricultural systems so that not only crop yield is sustained but also natural resources consumption is optimized and negative impacts of conventional agriculture on environment are minimized. This paradigm uses a holistic approach in a manner that agricultural system is considered an integrated unit which has various biophysical, technical, social, economic and environmental components with complex interrelations with one another. Equal emphasis on the aforementioned components, and combining traditional and modern techniques under a systems' approach umbrella guarantees moving toward sustainable agricultural production.  

Faculty Members
  • Dr. Jafar Kambouzia, Agricultural systems analysis and modeling
  • Dr. Korous Khoshbakht, Agrobiodiversity
  • Dr. Abdolmajid Mahdavi Damghani, Agroecology and sustainable agriculture
  • Dr. Hossein Mahmoudi, Sociology and impact assesssment
  • Dr. Reza Deihimfard, Agricultural systems analysis and modeling
  • Dr. Omid Nouri, Horticulture science and urban agriculture
  • Dr. Fatemeh Aghamir, Soil chemistry
  • Dr. Saeid Soufizadeh, Agricultural systems analysis and modeling

PhD Students and Postdocs
  • Number of current Ph.D. students: 37
  • Number of Ph.D. graduates: 16
  • Number of current master’s students: 21
  • Number of M.Sc. graduates: 113

Course Outlines
Master of Agroecology:
  • Agrobiodiversity
  • Principles of sustainable agriculture
  • Principles of urban agriculture
  • Advanced statistics
  • Applied statistics
  • Principles of remote sensing and GIS
  • Crops production ecology (potential and limiting conditions)
  • Crops production ecology (reducing factors)
  • Research methodology
  • Principles of agricultural development and extension
  • Adaptation to climate change in agriculture
  • Soil productivity and plant nutrition
  • Principles of organic agriculture
PhD of Agroecology:
  • Analysis of ecological data
  • Modeling in crop ecology
  • Biodiversity in cropping ecosystems
  • Analysis of cropping ecosystems
  • Sustainable management of cropping ecosystems
  • Climate change and its impact on agricultural ecosystems
  • Soil ecology and tillage management
  • Ecological aspects of cropping ecosystems
  • Free discussions and agroecology

  • Agroecological zoning of Urmia Lake Basin
  • Quantifying wheat yield gap in Alborz province
  • Agroecosystem-based design of cropping pattern based on ecological carrying capacity of arable lands in Isfahan province