Department of Environmental Planning and Design

In recent decades, urbanization development and rapid population growth have resulted in degradation of natural resources, and imbalance between man and the natural environment. Together, these have placed a very challenging situation facing human beings. Today, most development programs cause widespread destruction of natural structures, which lead to disruption of natural systems. Under such a situation, environmental planning can help solving the problems. Environmental planning could be defined as the initiation and operation of activities to direct and control the acquisition, transformation and disposal of resources in a manner capable of sustaining human activities. Environmental planning tries to minimize the disruption of physical, ecological and social processes. The mail goal of this area of science is to balance human needs based on dynamic properties that constitute the environment.

General goals of the department:
  • Training elite experts in the field of environmental planning
  • Establishing close relationship with industry to solve their problems in the field of environmental assessment and planning
  • Estimating the impact of development on land
  • Participating in the preparation of land use and spatial planning
  • Balancing between natural resources and human activities
  • Creating environmental policies and regulations for man-made environments
  • Conducting spatial studies at the land scale (landscape planning)
  • Keeping the environment through highlighting the sensitivity of natural resources to over-consumption
  • Preparing monitoring and recovery programs for damaged environments

Faculty members
  • Dr. Naghmeh Mobarghei Dinan
  • Dr. Shahindokht Barghjelveh
  • Dr. Romina Sayyahnia
  • Dr. Hasan Esmaeilzadeh

Main areas of research
  • Environmental capability assessment
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Valuation of ecosystem services
  • Spatial planning
  • Landscape planning

Selected research projects
  • Developing guidelines for damage cost assessment of roads and railways. Iranian Department of Environment. (2020)
  • Developing guidelines for damage cost assessment of air pollution in the industry sector. Iranian Department of Environment. (2019)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment of construction of wastewater treatment plants. Tehran Wastewater Company. (2015)
  • Comprehensive plan of dealing with desertification and combating sand and dust storm in Qazvin province. Qazvin Governorate. (2016)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment of Shahriar and Damavand industrial sites. Tehran Industrial Estates Company. (2016)
  • Estimating carrying capacity and spatial planning of Qazvin province. Qazvin Province Planning Organization. (2015)
  • Environmental impact assessment of Bushehr province, economic zone of Deylam. Bushehr Industrial Companies. (2014)
  • Preparation of the statute of National Environment Fund in the field of water and soil resources. Department of Environment of West Azerbaijan Province. (2012)
  • Preparation of the Environmental Higher Education Document. Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. (2011)

Student Association of Environmental Sciences Research Institute
This association started its activities in 2014 and so far has carried out various activities in various fields of science, research, technology and culture. To date, the association has held many workshops, scientific events and dialogues in various areas of science and has participated in the publication of articles, books and scientific journals.

Address: Environmental Sciences Research Institute, Shahid Beheshti University, Evin, Tehran, Iran.
Telegram: @env_sbu
Instagram: @env_sbu