Department of Environmental Technologies

Conserving the environment against pollutants needs identification of pollutants and their sources, their impacts, and providing solutions on how to deal with them. The objectives of the Department of Environmental Technologies center on these major topics. Reducing environmental pollution is among important areas in management of environment, which could be effectively obtained through targeted training and public awareness. There is a great need to educate experts who are capable of solving the problems arising from pollutants. Thus, the department tries to find appropriate responses to pollutants of environment and to train and educate qualified experts who can help reduce environmental pollution and their vast negative impacts on environment.

Graduate programs:
Master’s and PhD in environmental technologies

Major objectives:
  • Monitoring the quality of water, soil, air and noise
  • Management of industrial and urban waste materials
  • Management and modeling of sources of pollution
  • Application of nano-particles for filtration of water, soil and air 
  • Transport and fate of environmental pollutants
  • Innovative approaches to reduce wastes and optimization of materials and energy consumption through industrial ecology

  • Dr. Hossein Hashemi
  • Dr. Yousef Rashidi
  • Dr. Amir Salemi
  • Dr. Afsaneh Shahbazi
  • Dr. Mahdi Jalili Ghazizadeh