Department of Economics, Education and Policy of Environment

Environment provides various services to human-beings such as providing raw materials and inputs, reducing the impacts of wastes through its buffering capacity and providing an appropriate atmosphere for development. However, there is a close relationship between environment and economy. Degradation of environment not only disrupts ecosystem services but also hampers the process of development and economic growth. It is evident that having a healthy and efficient economy depends on sustainable use of natural ecosystems. Science of economy has a very important role in this regard. Application of economic sciences and techniques in other disciplines of science is necessary for sustainable use of natural resources through which inter-disciplinary field could also be created. The Department of Economic, Education and Policy of Environment is the product of such a concept.      

Major objectives:
  • Optimization of consumption pattern through economic theories and methods
  • Providing prerequisites for sustainable and environment-friendly industrial development
  • Application of economic solutions for controlling environmental pollution
  • Valuation of non-market ecosystem services in order to use in costs-benefit analysis and decision-making processes
  • Economy of water resources and its market
  • Marketing of organic agricultural products 
  • Approaches for integration of environmental assets in national accounting

  • Dr. Houman Liaghati
  • Dr. Mohammad Reza Nazari